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Use the "Search all Topics" feature or browse the "Main Topics" to begin your research.

Search All Topics

The search feature for Tax Map appears in the upper left-hand corner of each Tax Map page. Tax Map contains approximately 5000 topics; the search feature provides users with a convenient way to find topics rather than scrolling through a long list.

Using as few words as possible, type in the word(s) that represent the subject you are looking for and press go or enter. The search will return a results page with topics that contain the word(s) you entered. Select the topic link to go to the topic page for that topic. The topic page contains links to tax products and to related topics.

Note: This facility searches a list of topics that includes form and publication numbers, titles, tax law terms, and publication headings. Search all topics is a simple keyword search, not a full text search or boolean/logic. For best results, use the singular version of the word. For example, a search on "Foreign Tax" would yield topics including:

Foreign Income Taxes
Foreign Taxes
Foreign Tax Credit

To widen the search, just search on the word "Foreign".

Browse Topic Indexes

Browse through lists of topics to start your search. The main Tax Map Index (listed under letters of the alphabet) contains topics from across IRS business units. The International, Affordable Care Act, and Exempt Organization Tax Topic Indexes are specialized indexes with topics specific to those business areas. Index topics link to topic pages that have links to related topics, relevant forms and publications, and relevant materials on and other websites.