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Rev. date: 11/13/2017

IRS Services – Volunteer Tax Assistance, Outreach Programs, and Identity Theft

Tax Topic 101
The IRS sponsors volunteer assistance programs offering help to taxpayers in many community locations.


The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) offers free tax help by trained volunteers for low to moderate-income taxpayers. VITA sites provide free basic income tax return preparation for individuals and are available locally in most community locations. Volunteers prepare Form 1040-A, Form 1040-EZ, and Form 1040. To see if you qualify for this service, see Free Tax Return Preparation for Qualifying Taxpayers.
Trained volunteers can help you determine your eligibility for special credits such as the earned income tax credit (EITC), child tax credit, and credit for the elderly or the disabled. Many VITA sites offer free electronic filing (e-file). Individuals who use the e-file program benefit from a shorter processing time and usually receive their refunds in half the time compared to returns filed on paper – even faster if the refund is deposited directly into a bank account. Note: You should only choose direct deposit of your refund into accounts that are in your own name, your spouse's name, or both if it's a joint account.
To find the locations, dates and hours of availability for the volunteer sites near you, use the VITA locator tool, see Publication p5136.pdf, download the free IRS2Go app, or call 800-906-9887.


Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) is another grant program designed to offer free tax assistance to individuals aged 60 years or older with low to moderate incomes. TCE sites are located at convenient community locations. TCE counselors offer free income tax return preparation services and can prepare Form 1040, Form 1040A, and Form 1040EZ. The AARP participates in the TCE program. To locate the nearest VITA/TCE site, use the VITA locator tool, see Publication p5136.pdf, download the free IRS2Go app, or call 800-906-9887. Visit AARP or call 888-AARPNOW (888-227-7669) to find the nearest AARP site.

What to Bring to Your Local VITA or TCE Site

Before going to your local VITA or TCE site, see Publication p3676bsp.pdf for services provided and check out the What to Bring to Your Local VITA or TCE Site page.

Low Income Taxpayer Clinics

The IRS also administers a program that awards matching grants to qualifying organizations to develop, expand or maintain Low Income Taxpayer Clinics (LITCs). LITCs provide representation to low income taxpayers in disputes with the IRS, including audits, appeals, collection matters, and federal tax litigation. When the preparation of a return is necessary to resolve the dispute with the IRS, an LITC can prepare the return. In addition, LITCs provide education and outreach to individuals for whom English is a second language about their rights and responsibilities as U.S. taxpayers. LITCs must provide services for free or little cost. LITCs, their employees and their volunteers operate independently from the IRS. A taxpayer's decision to obtain representation from an LITC won't result in the IRS giving preferential treatment in handling the taxpayer's dispute.
For additional information, including clinic locations and languages served in addition to English, see Information for Taxpayers Seeking LITC Services.

Identity Theft

See the Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft for additional information.