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Publication 505

Gambling Winnings(p13)

For Use in Calendar Year 2017
Income tax is withheld at a flat 24% rate from certain kinds of gambling winnings.
Gambling winnings of more than $5,000 from the following sources are subject to income tax withholding. It does not matter whether your winnings are paid in cash, in property, or as an annuity. Winnings not paid in cash are taken into account at their fair market value.
Gambling winnings from bingo, keno, and slot machines generally are not subject to income tax withholding. However, you may need to provide the payer with an SSN to avoid withholding. See Backup withholding on gambling winnings, later. If you receive gambling winnings not subject to withholding, you may need to pay estimated tax. See chapter 2.
If you don’t pay enough tax, either through withholding or estimated tax, or a combination of both, you may have to pay a penalty. See chapter 4.

Form W-2G.(p13)

For Use in Calendar Year 2017
If a payer withholds income tax from your gambling winnings, you should receive a Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings, showing the amount you won and the amount withheld.
Report the tax withheld on your 2018 Form 1040, along with all other federal income tax withheld, as shown on Forms W-2 and 1099.

Information to give payer.(p13)

For Use in Calendar Year 2017
If the payer asks, you must give the payer all the following information.
Identical wagers.(p13)
You may have to give the payer a statement of the amount of your winnings, if any, from identical wagers. If this statement is required, the payer will ask you for it. You provide this statement by signing Form W-2G or, if required, Form 5754.
Identical wagers include two bets placed in a pari-mutuel pool on one horse to win a particular race. However, the bets are not identical if one bet is "to win" and one bet is "to place." In addition, they are not identical if the bets were placed in different pari-mutuel pools. For example, a bet in a pool conducted by the racetrack and a bet in a separate pool conducted by an offtrack betting establishment in which the bets are not pooled with those placed at the track are not identical wagers.

Backup withholding on gambling winnings.(p13)

For Use in Calendar Year 2017
If you have any kind of gambling winnings and don’t give the payer your SSN, the payer may have to withhold income tax at a flat 24% rate. This rule also applies to winnings of at least $1,200 from bingo or slot machines or $1,500 from keno, and to certain other gambling winnings of at least $600.