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Publication 534

Depreciating Property Placed in Service Before 1987



The law allows you to recover your cost in business or income-producing property through yearly tax deductions. You do this by depreciating your property, that is, by deducting some of your cost on your tax return each year. You can depreciate both tangible property, such as a car, building, or machinery, and certain intangible property, such as a copyright or a patent.
The amount you can deduct depends on:
  1. How much the property cost,
  2. When you began using it,
  3. How long it will take to recover your cost, and
  4. Which of several depreciation methods you use.

Depreciation defined.(p1)

Depreciation is a loss in the value of property over the time the property is being used. Events that can cause property to depreciate include wear and tear, age, deterioration, and obsolescence. You can get back your cost of certain property, such as equipment you use in your business or property used for the production of income by taking deductions for depreciation.


Amortization is similar to depreciation. Using amortization, you can recover your cost or basis in certain property proportionately over a specific number of years or months. Examples of costs you can amortize are the costs of starting a business, reforestation, and pollution control facilities. You can find information on amortization in chapter 8 of Pub. 535, Business Expenses.

Alternative minimum tax. (p2)

If you use accelerated depreciation for real property, or personal property that is leased to others, you may be liable for the alternative minimum tax. Accelerated depreciation is any method that allows recovery at a faster rate in the earlier years than the straight line method. For more information, you may wish to see the following.

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How To Use This Publication(p2)

This publication describes the kinds of property that can be depreciated and the methods used to figure depreciation on property placed in service before 1987. It is divided into three chapters and contains an appendix.