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Publication 51
Circular A, Agricultural Employer's Tax Guide
Introduction, Useful Items and Important Changes
For use in 2017

1. Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs)

2. Who Are Employees?

Crew Leaders
Business Owned and Operated by Spouses

3. Wages and Other Compensation

4. Social Security and Medicare Taxes

The $150 Test or the $2,500 Test
Social Security and Medicare Tax Withholding

5. Federal Income Tax Withholding

How To Figure Federal Income Tax Withholding

6. Required Notice to Employees About Earned Income Credit (EIC)

7. Depositing Taxes

When To Deposit
How To Deposit
Deposit Penalties
Employers of Both Farm and Nonfarm Workers

8. Form 943

9. Reporting Adjustments on Form 943

Current Year Adjustments
Prior Year Adjustments

10. Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax

11. Reconciling Wage Reporting Forms

12. How Do Employment Taxes Apply to Farmwork?

13. Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods

Wage Bracket Method
Percentage Method
Alternative Methods of Federal Income Tax Withholding

How To Get Tax Help

The Taxpayer Advocate Service Is Here To Help You