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How To Figure an NOL Carryover(p6)

If your NOL is more than your taxable income for the year to which you carry it (figured before deducting the NOL), you may have an NOL carryover. You must make certain modifications to your taxable income to determine how much NOL you will use up in that year and how much you can carry over to the next tax year. Your carryover is the excess of your NOL deduction over your modified taxable income for the carryback or carryforward year. If your NOL deduction includes more than one NOL, apply the NOLs against your modified taxable income in the same order in which you incurred them, starting with the earliest.

Modified taxable income.(p6)

Your modified taxable income is your taxable income figured with the following changes.
  1. You cannot claim an NOL deduction for the NOL carryover you are figuring or for any later NOL.
  2. You cannot claim a deduction for capital losses in excess of your capital gains. Also, you must increase your taxable income by the amount of any section 1202 exclusion.
  3. You cannot claim the domestic production activities deduction.
  4. You cannot claim a deduction for your exemptions for yourself, your spouse, or dependents.
  5. You must figure any item affected by the amount of your adjusted gross income after making the changes in (1), (2), and (3), above, and certain other changes to your adjusted gross income that result from (1), (2), and (3). This includes income and deduction items used to figure adjusted gross income (for example, IRA deductions), as well as certain itemized deductions. To figure a charitable contribution deduction, do not include deductions for NOL carrybacks in the change in (1) but do include deductions for NOL carryforwards from tax years before the NOL year.
Your taxable income as modified cannot be less than zero.

Form 1045, Schedule B.(p7)

You can use Form 1045, Schedule B, to figure your modified taxable income for carryback years and your carryover from each of those years. Do not use Form 1045, Schedule B, for a carryforward year. If your 2015 return includes an NOL deduction from an NOL year before 2015 that reduced your taxable income to zero (to less than zero, if an estate or trust), see NOL Carryover From 2015 to 2016, later.