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Local (Foreign) Tax Return(p7)

As a U.S. Government employee, you are expected to observe and fulfill all tax obligations imposed by the host country government. Check with local tax authorities to determine whether you are considered a tax resident of your host country, whether you are required to file a host country tax return and whether you owe taxes to the host country.

Tax Treaty Benefits(p8)

As discussed earlier, most income tax treaties contain an article relating to remuneration from government services. Review the treaty text carefully to determine whether your U.S. Government remuneration is taxable in the host country. You will first have to determine whether you are a resident of your host country under the treaty residence article (after application of the so-called "tie-breaker" rule).
If you or your spouse receives income from a private employer or self-employment, review the tax treaty rules relating to income from personal services to determine whether that income is taxable in the host country.
If you pay or accrue taxes to both the host country and the United States, you may be able to relieve double taxation with a foreign tax credit. Most income tax treaties contain an article providing relief from double taxation. Many treaties contain special foreign tax credit rules for U.S. citizens who are residents of a treaty country. For more information about the foreign tax credit, see Foreign Taxes, earlier.

Other Agreements(p8)

The United States may be a party to agreements other than income tax treaties that may affect your tax obligations to the host country. For example, consular employees may be exempt from host country tax under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations or bilateral consular agreements. Similarly, certain diplomatic staff may be exempt from host country tax under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Check with the appropriate U.S. Embassy for more information.

Double Withholding(p8)

If your U.S. government pay is subject to withholding in both the United States and the foreign country, you may reduce the amount of U.S. tax that is withheld from your pay if you expect to be entitled to a foreign tax credit on your U.S. income tax return on this income. See chapter of Publication 505, Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax, for a worksheet to determine how to revise Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.