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Publication 505

Farmers and Fishermen(p56)

If you are a farmer or fisherman, the following special rules for underpayment of estimated tax apply to you.
  1. The penalty for underpaying your 2015 estimated tax will not apply if you file your return and pay all the tax due by March 1, 2016. If you are a fiscal year taxpayer, the penalty will not apply if you file your return and pay the tax due by the first day of the third month after the end of your tax year.
  2. Any penalty you owe for underpaying your 2015 estimated tax will be figured from one payment due date, January 15, 2016.
  3. The underpayment penalty for 2015 is figured on the difference between the amount of 2015 withholding plus estimated tax paid by the due date and the smaller of:
    1. 662/3% (rather than 90%) of your 2015 tax, or
    2. 100% of the tax shown on your 2014 return.
Even if these special rules apply to you, you will not owe the penalty if you meet either of the two conditions discussed under Exceptions.
See Who Must Pay Estimated Tax in chapter 2 for the definition of a farmer or fisherman who is eligible for these special rules.

Form 2210-F.(p56)

Use Form 2210-F to figure any underpayment penalty. Do not attach it to your return unless you check a box in Part I. However, if none of the boxes apply to you and you owe a penalty, you do not need to attach Form 2210-F. Enter the amount from line 16 on Form 1040, line 79 and add the penalty to any balance due on your return or subtract it from your refund. Keep your filled-in Form 2210-F for your records.
If none of the boxes on Form 2210-F apply to you and you owe a penalty, the IRS can figure your penalty and send you a bill.