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Publication 560
Retirement Plans for Small Business (SEP, SIMPLE and Qualified Plans)
Introduction, Useful Items and Important Changes
For use in Preparing 2014 Returns

Chapter 1
Definitions You Need To Know

Chapter 2
Simplified Employee Pensions (SEPs)

Setting Up a SEP

How Much Can I Contribute?

Contribution Limits

Deducting Contributions

Deduction Limit for Contributions for Participants
Deduction Limit for Self-Employed Individuals
Carryover of Excess SEP Contributions
When To Deduct Contributions
Where To Deduct Contributions

Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pensions (SARSEPs)

Limit on Elective Deferrals
Tax Treatment of Deferrals

Distributions (Withdrawals)

Additional Taxes

Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

Chapter 3


Who Can Set Up a SIMPLE IRA Plan?
Who Can Participate in a SIMPLE IRA Plan?
How To Set Up a SIMPLE IRA Plan
Notification Requirement
Contribution Limits
When To Deduct Contributions
Where To Deduct Contributions
Tax Treatment of Contributions
Distributions (Withdrawals)
More Information on SIMPLE IRA Plans

SIMPLE 401(k) Plan

Chapter 4
Qualified Plans

Kinds of Plans

Defined Contribution Plan
Defined Benefit Plan

Qualification Rules

Setting Up a Qualified Plan

Adopting a Written Plan
Investing Plan Assets

Minimum Funding Requirement


Employer Contributions
Employee Contributions
When Contributions Are Considered Made

Employer Deduction

Deduction Limits
Deduction Limit for Self-Employed Individuals
Where To Deduct Contributions
Carryover of Excess Contributions
Excise Tax for Nondeductible (Excess) Contributions

Elective Deferrals (401(k) Plans)

Limit on Elective Deferrals
Automatic Enrollment
Treatment of Excess Deferrals

Qualified Roth Contribution Program

Elective Deferrals
Qualified Distributions
Reporting Requirements


Required Distributions
Distributions From 401(k) Plans
Tax Treatment of Distributions
Tax on Early Distributions
Tax on Excess Benefits
Excise Tax on Reversion of Plan Assets
Notification of Significant Benefit Accrual Reduction

Prohibited Transactions

Tax on Prohibited Transactions

Reporting Requirements

Chapter 5
Table and Worksheets for the Self-Employed

Chapter 6
How To Get Tax Help

The Taxpayer Advocate Service Is Here To Help You