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Publication 225

Federal Income Tax Withholding(p77)

If the cash wages you pay to farmworkers are subject to social security and Medicare taxes, they are also subject to federal income tax withholding. Although noncash wages are subject to federal income tax, withhold income tax only if you and the employee agree to do so. The amount to withhold is figured on gross wages without taking out social security and Medicare taxes, union dues, insurance, etc.

Form W-4.(p77)

Generally, the amount of federal income tax you withhold is based on the employee's marital status and withholding allowances claimed on the employee's Form W-4. In general, an employee can claim withholding allowances on Form W-4 equal to the number of exemptions the employee will be entitled to claim on his or her tax return. An employee may also be able to claim a special withholding allowance and allowances for estimated deductions and credits.
Do not withhold federal income tax from the wages of an employee who, by filing Form W-4, certifies that he or she had no federal income tax liability last year and anticipates no liability for the current year.
You should give each new employee a Form W-4 as soon as you hire the employee. For Spanish-speaking employees, you may use Formulario W-4(SP) which is the Spanish translation of Form W-4. Have the employee complete and return the form to you before the first payday. If the employee does not return the completed form, you must withhold federal income tax as if the employee is single and claims no withholding allowances.
New Form W-4 for 2015.(p77)
You should make the 2015 Form W-4 available to your employees and encourage them to check their income tax withholding for 2015. Those employees who owed a large amount of tax or received a large refund for 2014 may want to submit a new Form W-4. You cannot accept substitute Forms W-4 developed by employees.

How to figure withholding.(p77)

You can use one of several methods to determine the amount to withhold. The methods are described in Publication 51 (Circular A), which contains tables showing the correct amount of federal income tax you should withhold. Publication 51 (Circular A) also contains additional information about federal income tax withholding.

Nonemployee compensation.(p77)

Generally, you do not have to withhold federal income tax on payments for services to individuals who are not your employees. However, you may be required to report these payments on Form 1099-MISC and to withhold under the backup withholding rules. For more information, see the Instructions for Form 1099-MISC.