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1040A Instructions
For use in Preparing 2014 Returns
What's NewFiling RequirementsPrivate Delivery ServicesWho Can Use Form 1040A?When Must You Use Form 1040?Line Instructions for Form 1040AName and AddressName changeAddress changeP.O. boxForeign addressDeath of a taxpayerSocial Security Number (SSN)IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) for aliensNonresident alien spousePresidential Election Campaign FundFiling StatusLine 1Line 2Line 3Line 4Line 5ExemptionsLine 6bLine 6c—DependentsIncomeForeign-Source IncomeRounding Off to Whole DollarsRefunds of State or Local Income TaxesCommunity Property StatesLine 7Line 8aLine 8bLine 9aLine 9bLine 10Lines 11a and 11bLines 12a and 12bLine 13Lines 14a and 14bAdjusted Gross IncomeLine 16Line 17Line 18Line 19Tax, Credits, and PaymentsLine 23aLine 23bLine 24Line 26Line 28Line 29Line 31Line 32Line 33Line 34Line 38Health Care: Individual ResponsibilityLine 40Line 41Lines 42a and 42b—Earned Income Credit (EIC)2014 Earned Income Credit (EIC) TableLine 43Line 44Line 45Line 46RefundLine 47Lines 48a Through 48dLine 49Amount You OweLine 50Line 51Third Party DesigneeSign Your ReturnAssemble Your Return2014 Tax TablesGeneral InformationHow To Get Tax HelpInterest and PenaltiesInterestPenaltiesRefund InformationWhat Is TeleTax?Recorded Tax InformationTopics by InternetTeleTax TopicsDisclosure, Privacy Act, and Paperwork Reduction Act NoticeEstimates of Taxpayer BurdenOrder Form for Forms and PublicationsHow To Use the Order FormMajor Categories of Federal Income and Outlays for Fiscal Year 2013