Schedule E (Form 1040) Supplemental Income and Loss 2012

Summary: This is an example of Schedule E (Form 1040) 2012 as pertains to the text. The completed line items are:
 Properties: AProperties: B
Income: 3. Rents Received25,0008,300
Expenses: 5. Advertising600210
Expenses: 7. Cleaning and Maintenance1,500525
Expenses: 8. Commissions1,200420
Expenses: 9. Insurance2,000700
Expenses: 10. Legal and other professional fees1,000390
Expenses: 12. Mortgage interest paid to banks, etcetera. (see instructions)9,0008,510
Expenses: 14. Repairs700245
Expenses: 15. Supplies600210
Expenses: 16. Taxes2,000700
Expenses: 17. Utilities2,400840
Expenses: 18. Depreciation expense or depletion10,0004,000
19. Other (list): Wages and salaries9,0003,150
20. Total expenses. Add lines 5 through 19.40,00019,900
21. Subtract line 20 from line 3 (rents) and/or 4 (royalties). If result is a (loss), see instructions to find out if you must file Form 6198 negative 15,000negative 11,600
22. Deductible rental real estate loss after limitation, if any, on Form 8582 (see instructions)negative 6,155negative 3,546

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