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Excess Business Holdings(p68)

Private foundations are generally not permitted to hold more than a 20% interest in an unrelated business enterprise. They may be subject to an excise tax on the amount of any excess business holdings. For purposes of section 4943, for tax years beginning after August 17, 2006, donor advised funds and certain supporting organizations are considered private foundations.

Donor advised fund.(p68)

In general, a donor advised fund is a fund or account separately identified by reference to contributions of a donor or donors that is owned and controlled by a sponsoring organization and for which the donor has or expects to have advisory privileges concerning the distribution or investment of the funds.

Supporting organizations.(p68)

Only certain supporting organizations are subject to the excess business holdings tax under section 4943. These include (1) Type III supporting organizations that are not functionally integrated and (2) Type II supporting organizations that accept any gift or contribution from a person who by himself or in connection with a related party controls the supported organization that the Type II supporting organization supports.


A private foundation that has excess holdings in a business enterprise may become liable for an excise tax based on the amount of holdings. The initial tax is 10% (5% for tax years beginning before August 18, 2006) of the value of the excess holdings and is imposed on the last day of each tax year that ends during the taxable period. The excess holdings are determined on the day during the tax year when they were the largest.
If the foundation keeps the excess business holdings after the initial tax has been imposed, it becomes liable for an additional tax of 200% of the remaining excess business holdings unless it disposes of them within the taxable period.
For more information on the tax on excess business holdings, see the Instructions for Form 4720.