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501(c)(2) - Title-Holding Corporations for Single Parent Corporations(p62)

If your organization wants to obtain recognition of exemption from federal income tax as a corporation organized to hold title to property, collect income from that property, and turn over the entire amount less expenses to a single parent organization that is exempt from income tax, it must file its application on Form 1024. The information to submit upon application is described in this section. For a discussion of the procedures for obtaining recognition of exemption, see chapter 1, Application Procedures.
You must show that your organization is a corporation. If you are in doubt as to whether your organization qualifies as a corporation for this purpose, contact your IRS office.
A title-holding corporation will qualify for exemption only if there is effective ownership and control over it by the distributee exempt organization. For example, the distributee organization may control the title-holding corporation by owning its voting stock or possessing the power to select nominees to hold its voting stock.

Corporate charter.(p62)

The corporate charter must confine the purposes and powers of your organization to holding title to property, collecting income from the property, and turning the income over to an exempt organization. If the charter authorizes your organization to engage in activities that go beyond these limits, its exemption may not be recognized even if its actual operations are so limited. If your organization's original charter does not limit its powers, you can amend the charter to conform to the required limits and submit evidence with your application that the charter has been amended.

Payment of income.(p62)

You must show that your corporation is required to turn over the entire income from the property, less expenses, to one or more exempt organizations.
Actual payment of the income is required. A mere obligation to use the income for the exempt organization's benefit, or the fact that such organization has control over the income does not satisfy this requirement.
Expenses may reduce the amount of income required to be turned over to the tax-exempt organization for which your organization holds property. The term expenses (for this purpose) includes not only ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred, but also reasonable additions to depreciation reserves and other reserves that would be proper for a business corporation holding title to and maintaining property.
In addition, the title-holding corporation can retain part of its income each year to apply to debt on property to which it holds title. This transaction is treated as if the income had been turned over to the exempt organization and the latter had used the income to make a contribution to the capital of the title-holding corporation that in turn applied the contribution to the debt.
Waiver of payment of income.(p62)
Generally, there is no payment of rent when the occupant of property held by your title-holding corporation is the exempt organization for which your corporation holds the title. In this situation, the statutory requirement that income be paid over to the exempt organization is satisfied if your corporation turns over whatever income is available.

Application for recognition of exemption.(p62)

In addition to the information required by Form 1024, the title-holding corporation must furnish evidence that the organization for which title is held has obtained recognition of exempt status. If that organization has not been specifically notified in writing by the IRS that it is exempt, the title-holding corporation must submit the necessary application and supporting documents to enable the IRS to determine whether the organization for which title is held qualifies for exemption. A copy of a ruling or determination letter issued to the organization for which title is held will be proof that it qualifies for exemption. However, until the organization for which title is held obtains recognition of exempt status or proof is submitted to show that it qualifies, the title-holding corporation cannot obtain recognition of exemption.

Tax treatment of donations.(p62)

Donations to an exempt title-holding corporation generally are not deductible as charitable contributions on the donor's federal income tax return.