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Certificate for Commercial Aviation and Exempt Uses(p12)

A certificate is required from the aircraft operator:


The certificate may be included as part of any business records normally used for a sale. See Model Certificate K in the Appendix.
A certificate expires on the earliest of the following dates.
The buyer must provide a new certificate if any information on a certificate has changed.
The IRS may withdraw the buyer's right to provide a certificate if the buyer uses the kerosene for use in aviation to which a certificate relates other than as stated in the certificate.
Exempt use.(p12)
The rate on kerosene for use in aviation is $.001 (LUST tax) if it is removed from any refinery or terminal directly into the fuel tank of an aircraft for an exempt use. An exempt use includes kerosene for the exclusive use of a state or local government. There is no tax on kerosene removed directly into the fuel tank of an aircraft for use in foreign trade.

Flash title transaction.(p12)

A position holder is not liable for tax if, among other conditions, it obtains a certificate (described above) from the operator of the aircraft into which the kerosene is delivered. In a "flash title transaction" the position holder sells the kerosene to a wholesale distributor (reseller) that in turn sells the kerosene to the aircraft operator as the kerosene is being removed from a terminal into the fuel tank of an aircraft. In this case, the position holder will be treated as having a certificate from the operator of the aircraft if:
Reseller statement.(p12)
This is a statement that is signed under penalties of perjury by a person with authority to bind the reseller; is provided at the bottom or on the back of the certificate (or in an attached document); and contains:

Credits or Refunds.(p12)

A claim may be made by the ultimate purchaser (the operator) for taxed kerosene for use in aviation used in commercial aviation (other than foreign trade) and noncommercial aviation (other than nonexempt, noncommercial aviation and exclusive use by a state, political subdivision of a state, or the District of Columbia). A claim may be made by a registered ultimate vendor for certain sales. For more information, see chapter 2.