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6. Required Notice to Employees About Earned Income Credit (EIC)(p14)

You must notify employees who have no federal income tax withheld that they may be able to claim a tax refund because of the EIC. Although you do not have to notify employees who claim exemption from withholding on Form W-4 about the EIC, you are encouraged to notify any employees whose wages for 2012 were less than $45,060 ($50,270 if married filing jointly) that they may be eligible to claim the credit for 2012. This is because eligible employees may get a refund of the amount of EIC that is more than the tax that they owe.
You will meet the notification requirement if you issue to the employee Form W-2 with the EIC notice on the back of Copy B, or a substitute Form W-2 with the same statement. You may also meet the requirement by providing Notice 797, Possible Federal Tax Refund Due to the Earned Income Credit (EIC), or your own statement that contains the same wording.
If a substitute Form W-2 is given to the employee on time but does not have the required statement, you must notify the employee within 1 week of the date that the substitute Form W-2 is given. If Form W-2 is required but is not given on time, you must give the employee Notice 797 or your written statement by the date that Form W-2 is required to be given. If Form W-2 is not required, you must notify the employee by February 7, 2013.