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Short Method for Figuring the Penalty (Part III)(p56)

You may be able to use the short method in Part III of Form 2210 to figure your penalty for underpayment of estimated tax. If you qualify to use this method, it will result in the same penalty amount as the regular method. However, either the annualized income installment method or the actual withholding method, explained later, may result in a smaller penalty.
You can use the short method only if you meet one of the following requirements.
If you do not meet either requirement, figure your penalty using the regular method in Part IV of Form 2210 and the Penalty Worksheet in the instructions.
Note.If any payment was made before the due date, you can use the short method, but the penalty may be less if you use the regular method. However, if the payment was only a few days early, the difference is likely to be small.
You cannot use the short method if any of the following apply.
If you use the short method, you cannot use the annualized income installment method to figure your underpayment for each payment period. Also, you cannot use your actual withholding during each period to figure your payments for each period. These methods, which may give you a smaller penalty amount, are explained under Figuring Your Underpayment (Part IV, Section A).
Complete Part III of Form 2210 following the line-by-line instructions in the Instructions for Form 2210.