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Instructions for Schedule F (Form 1040)

Line E(p3)

For Use in Tax Year 2017
Material participation.(p3)
For Use in Tax Year 2017
For the definition of material participation for purposes of the passive activity rules, see the Instructions for Schedule C (Form 1040), line G. If you meet any of the material participation tests described in those instructions, check the Yes box.
If you are a retired or disabled farmer, you are treated as materially participating in a farming business if you materially participated 5 or more of the 8 years preceding your retirement or disability. Also, a surviving spouse is treated as materially participating in a farming activity if he or she actively manages the farm and the real property used for farming meets the estate tax rules for special valuation of farm property passed from a qualifying decedent.
Check the No box if you didn't materially participate. If you checked No and you have a loss from this business, see Limit on passive losses next. If you have a profit from this business activity but have current year losses from other passive activities or prior year unallowed passive activity losses, see the Instructions for Form 8582.
Limit on passive losses.(p3)
For Use in Tax Year 2017
If you checked the No box and you have a loss from this business, you may have to use Form 8582 to figure your allowable loss, if any, to enter on Schedule F (Form 1040), line 34. In most cases, you can deduct losses from passive activities only to the extent of income from passive activities. For details, see Pub. 925.