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Instructions for Form 1040-EZ

Line 3, Unemployment Compensation and Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends(p13)

Unemployment compensation.(p13)
You should receive a Form 1099-G showing in box 1 the total unemployment compensation paid to you in 2016. Report this amount on line 3. If you are filing a joint return, also report on line 3 any unemployment compensation received by your spouse. If you made contributions to a governmental unemployment compensation program or a governmental paid family leave program, reduce the amount you report on line 3 by those contributions.
If you received an overpayment of unemployment compensation in 2016 and you repaid any of it in 2016, subtract the amount you repaid from the total amount you received. Enter the result on line 3. However, if the result is zero or less, enter -0- on line 3. Also, enter Repaid and the amount you repaid in the space to the left of line 3. If, in 2016, you repaid unemployment compensation that you included in gross income in an earlier year, you can deduct the amount repaid; but you must use Form 1040 to do so. See Pub. 525 for details.
Alaska Permanent Fund dividends.(p13)
If you received Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, include them in the total on line 3. If you are filing a joint return, also report on line 3 any Alaska Permanent Fund dividends received by your spouse. You cannot use Form 1040EZ if you (or your spouse) received any other kind of dividends.
If a child's interest and Alaska Permanent Fund dividends total more than $2,100, he or she may be required to file Form 8615 and Form 1040A or 1040 instead of Form 1040EZ. The child's parent may, however, be able to include the child's income on the parent's return. If so, the child need not file a return, but the parent must file Form 8814 and Form 1040. For more information, see Exception for certain children under age 19 or full-time students in Section 2, earlier, and Pub. 929.